“PHPT”, Vol 3, №3


BEGOULEV V.В., TIMOFEEV Yu.A. Effect of self-multiplication of pressure in the sample of PbSe after cooling from room temperature to 4.2 К 5
VASYUKOV V.N., EROSHENKO V.A., LEONT’EVA A.V., MAKOGON Yu.F., PROKHOROV A.Yu., SUKHAREVSKII B.Ya., ANISIMOVA T.N. Thermodynamic distinctions of formation of methane hydrate 9
LEVCHENKO G.G. Liquid 3Не-vароur thermodynamic equilibrium in the magnetic field 16
MATROSOV N.I., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A, SENNIKOVA L.F., DUGADKO A.В., IVANOVA L.I. Studying the phase composition and mechanical properties of 12X18H10T steel thin wire obtained under hydrostatic drawing 23
PROZOROVSKII V.D., RESHIDOVA I.Yu. Influence of the uniaxial compression on electronic properties of gap-free Hg1-xCdxTe 27
VASYUKOV V.N., PROKHOROV A.Yu. The crystal structure strain and orbital-lattice interaction 33
ALEXEEV A.D., ILYUSHENKO V.G., STARIKOV G.P. Ways for lowering the outburst intensity under development working 38
DOROSHEV V.D., SAVOSTA M.M., IVANOV S.F., TARASENKO T.N. Effect of Nd3+ ion ordering on NMR of 63,65Cu in Nd2CuO4: relation with crystal and magnetic structures 45
ZAROCHENTSEV E.V. Nonlinear effects under sound propagation in condensed media. I. Nonlinear wave phenomena 57
PANAETOV V.P., POPOV V.N. Advance of closed non-symmetric domain head at an angle to the easy-magnetization axis 75
ALEXEEV A.D., METLOV L.S., MOROZOV A.F., ASEEVA T.P. On autowave relaxation mechanism for a complex stressed state around workings 80
BAGLYUK G.A. Power dissipation at surface of the break in rates in a porous rigid-plastic material 86
LEVSHIN A.A., REVVA V.N., ALEKSANDROV V.G. Study of the stressed-strained state of anisotropic rock mass in the neighbourhood of a pillar 90
EFROS B.M., KONAKOVA I.P., GLADKOVSKII S.V., YUSHKOV V.I., LOLADZE L.V., BEIGELZIMER Ya.E. Plastic deformation of structurally inhomogeneous materials under high hydrostatic pressures 96
EFROS B.M., KONAKOVA L.P., EMEL’YANOV A.A. BEIGELZIMER Ya.E., ZAIKA T.P., SHISHKOVA N.V., SHEPEL V.M. Behaviour of porous materials at deformation under high pressures 115
ZAITSEV R.O. Superconductivity in the Hubbard model with repulsion 126
TIMOFEEV Yu.A. Investigation of superconductivity of YBa2Cu32O7-x under combined influence of hydrostatic pressure and uniaxial compression 132
ALEXEEV A.D., ASEEVA T.P., MOROZOV A.F., STARIKOV G.P. Experimental technique for studying the limiting states of rock 135
BEIGELZIMER Ya.E. An operational approach towards automated design of the pressure treatment of metals technologies 146
VINOGRADOV B.V. Automatized measurements of electrical resistance and load in the diamond-anvil unit 151
RUD’ V.D., TULASHVILI Yu.I, USYCHENKO S.Yu. High-pressure installation to study the mechanical properties of materials in three-axis stressed slate 155

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