“PHPT”, Vol 29, №3


VAL’KOV V.I., GOLOVCHAN A.V., KOLEDOV V.V., MITYUK V.I., GRIBANOV I.F., ZAPOROZHETS V.D., TODRIS B.M., SIVACHENKO T.S. Magnetic field and pressure reinforcement of the first–order magnetostructural phase transitions of disorder–disorder and disorder-order type in the Mn1–xCrxNiGe helimagnets 5
MIROSHNICHENKO S.V. Metal deformability at reversal extrusion. Part 1. The effect of non-uniformity of the stress state of the billet on the defect formation 31
EFROS B.M., GLADKOVSKY S.V., EFROS N.B., TYUTENKO V.S. Thermomechanical treatment of steels containing metastable austenite 39
SHELEST V.V., CHERVINSKII D.A. Application of calculation of differential forms to thermodynamics. IV. Calorimetry from the standpoint of external differential forms calculus 47
TEREKHOV S.V., ZAPOROZHETZ V.D. Boundaries of thermal stability of an amorphous material. I. Interaction of phases in the mean field approximation 65
OKUNEV V.D., D’YACHENKO T.A., BURKHOVETSKI V.V. Nature of fundamental effect of localized states on the optical spectra of the (In2O3)90(SrO)10 = (In2O3:Sr)x(In2SrO4)y(In4SrO6)100–(x+y) ceramics characterized by a strongly inhomogeneous structure 73
KRASNYUK I.B. Slow periodic oscillations in hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis 102
BARBASHOV V.I., CHAIKA E.V. Conductivity of polyvinyl alcohol films 116
STARIKOV G.P., YURCHENKO V.M., MEL’NIK T.N., KHUDOLEY O.G., KRAVCHENKO A.V. Activation of methane diffusion in coal under varied mechanical and thermodynamical parameters of a coal seam 122
TARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., FEDYUK D.O. Correction of uniformity of magnetic field of an superconducting solenoid 131
BOUTKO V.G., GUSEV A.A. Band gap of «narrow» carbon nanotubes

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