“PHPT”, Vol 29, №1


SHELEST V.V., CHERVINSKII D.A. Application of calculation of differential forms to thermodynamics. III. Non-trivial solution methods for the thermodynamics basic equation by calculation of external differential forms 5
METLOV L.S. Fluctuation and noise effects in different physical systems 28
PILIPENKO E.A., TROITSKAYA E.P., GORBENKO Ie.Ie. Phonons and zero-point energy in the compressed neon crystal 64
VOLKOV G.A., VYUNENKO Yu.N., KHLOPKOV E.A. On the effect of the cooling rate on the form change of the TiNi ring-shaped force elements in the course of the direct martensitic transformation 78
EFROS B.M., SOLOV’EVA L.N., EFROS N.B., TYUTENKO V.S. Thermomechanical treatment of the aging austenitic chromium-nickel steels 84
DRIPAN P.S., SHAGKO Ya.V., VASILENKO N.I. Assessment of the pressing force for anchors in the rock massif 91
STARIKOV G.P., YURCHENKO V.M., MELNIK T.N., PODRUKHIN A.A. Kinetics of methane filtration and release on the land surface after excavation shutdown in coal mines 95
MURGA V.V., ZHIKHAREV I.V., YURIEV S.A. Improvement of efficiency of air cooling of an electric motor with a hollow rotor 104
NOVIKOV A.O., SHESTOPALOV I.N. Mine studies of the deformation of the massif containing the output with a combined frame-anchor lining 110
FEDYUK D.O., VARYUKHIN D.V., PROKOF’EVA L.N., TARYANIK N.V. Superconducting solenoid for the spectrometer of NMR of wide lines at 300 MHz 121
IZOTOV A.I., KILMAN G.V., SIROTKIN V.V., SHALAEV R.V. Annealing effect on the conductivity of nickel-doped carbon films

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