“PHPT”, Vol 27, №2


BOUTKO V.G., GUSEV A.A. Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of iron nanowires. First-principles calculations 5
BUKIN G.V., BEREZHNAYA L.V., MAKMAK I.M. Spin transition of the Fe2+ ions in 2D coordination compound Fe[bipy(ttr)2] 14
IZOTOV A.I., KILMAN G.V., SIROTKIN V.V., SHALAEV R.V., PRUDNIKOV A.M. The effect of supercritical fluid treatment on the optical properties of carbon nitride films 22
SHEMCHENKO E.I., KIRICHENKO V.I., GANGALO A.N. Luminescence and a model of growth of the nanocolumnar films of CNx:EuyOz obtained with using a direct current magnetron 27
PILIPENKO E.A., TROITSKAYA E.P., GORBENKO Ie.Ie. The secondorder Fuchs elastic moduli, their pressure derivatives for rare-gas crystals in a model of deformable atoms 37
KRASNYUK I.B., MELNIK T.N., YURCHENKO V.M. Self-stochasticity in boundary value problems of quantum mechanics 51
METLOV L.S., MYSHLYAEV M.M., PETRENKO A.G. Modeling of coefficients of the rate sensibility of flow stress and deformation strengthening 62
BARBASHOV V., NESOVA E. Molecular dynamics simulations of the ZrO2–Y2O solid solutions 73
TEREKHOV S.V., VARYUKHIN V.N., MELNIK T.N., PETRENKO A.G., YURCHENKO V.M. Thermodynamic concept of non-equilibrium. II. States of a non-equilibrium system and their evolution 83
VARYUKHIN D.V., TARYANIK N.V., DVORNIKOV E.A., FEDYUK D.O. Superconducting solenoids for a radiospectrometer of electron paramagnetic resonance 98
URBANOVICH V.S., NISS V.S., GRIGORIEV S.V., KLIMCZYK P., JAWORSKA L., CYGAN S., SUDNIK L.V., MALIKINA T.D. Physical and mechanical properties of β-Si3N4 sintered at high pressures 108
BELICHKO D.R., NOSOLEV I.K., DANILENKO I.A., VOLKOVA G.K. The effect of high hydrostatic pressure and temperature on the elastic properties of the ZrO2-based ceramics 118
SENNIKOVA L.F., TKATCHENKO V.M., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., BORZENKO A.P. Effect of equal-channel angular pressing in fractional mode on the structure and the properties of copper M0б 124
POSTOL P.N., VARYUKHIN D.V., DVORNIKOV E.V., FEDYUK D.O. Closed-cycle cryostat targeted to Mössbauer testing and based on a pulse tube 130
MEZIN N.I., KRAVCHENKO Z.F., STAROSTYUK N.Yu. Spontaneous magnetic transition in the BiFe0.5Co0.5O3 ceramics

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