“HPPT”, Vol 25, №3-4


50th anniversary of Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after A.A. Galkin, NAS of Ukraine 5
BEYGELZIMER Y., VARYUKHIN V., KULAGIN R., ORLOV D. Twist extrusion: review 8
MIKHAILOV O.V., BEYGELSIMER Ya.E., SHTERN M.B. Modeling of twist extrusion of powder billets 38
PASHINSKAYA E., ZAVDOVEEV A., VARYUKHIN V., TKACHENKO V., MAKSAKOVA A., ALEKSEENKO I. Drawing with shear as an effective method of the control of the structure and the properties for low-carbon steel 47
PASHCHENKO А.V., PASHCHENKO V.P., REVENKO Yu.F., PROKOPENKO V.K., SHEMYAKOV A.A., SIL’CHEVA A.G., LIEDIENEV N.A. Structure, phase transitions, NMR 55Mn, resistive and magnetic properties of composite ceramics (La0.6Sr0.3Mn1.1O3)1−x(LaCu2O4)x 60
KAMINSKI V.V., STEPANOV N.N., SOLOV’EV S.M. Thermovoltaic effect in the SmS based heterostructure under pressure 74
KOSTANDOV Yu.A., LOKSHYNA L.Ya. Effect of contact friction on the position of the zone of full contact and slippage boundary at compression of the samples of brittle materials 82
PODREZOV Yu.N., DANILENKO V.I., DANILENKO N.I. Peculiarities of hardening in the course of formation of the deformation nanostructure 90
PRUDNIKOV A.P., LINNIK A.I., SHALAEV R.V., PASHKEVITCH Yu., VARYUKHIN V.N., MOKHNENKO M.I., KOSTYRYA S.A., LINNIK T.A. Low temperature magnetron deposition of the Ni–C nanostructural films: synthesis, structure and magnetic properties 102
TEREKHOV S.V. Physical and geometrical characteristics of hyperspace. II. Basic quaternions. Mechanica of a material point 112
FELDMAN E.P., STEFANOVICH L.I., VASILENKO T.A., KIRILLOV A.K. Impedance spectroscopy as a determination method for coal jointing. I. Dry sample 122
CHEN Cai, BEYGELZIMER Yan, TOTH Laszlo S., ESTRIN Yuri, KULAGIN Roman. Yield strength of a material pre-processed by simple shear 133
EFROS N.B., KORSHUNOV L.G., EFROS B.M., TYUTENKO V.S. Contact strength of nanocrystal structures of the friction surfaces of carbon austenite alloys 141
Author’s index 2015 151

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