“HPPT”, Vol 24, №3-4


TEYTEL Ye. Structural and phase transformations in solids induced by severe plastic deformation and other external effects. Phenomenon of quasi-heating (critical and analytical review) 5
TROITSKAYA E.P., ZHIKHAREV I.V., PILIPENKO E.A. Elastic properties of compressed rare-gas crystals in the model of deformable atoms 26
TEREKHOV S.V., SAYAPIN V.N. Universality of synergetics laws. V. Stress–strain diagrams 39
BOYLO I.V. Thermal and shot noises in tunnel structures based on superconductors with a different symmetry of the order parameter 58
KHACHATUROVA T.A., VASILENKO A.V. Mathematical modeling of the work of a spin filter based on the quantum size effect 67
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., MEZIN N.I., EFROS N.B., KAMENEV V.I. Sensor of small variations of a magnetic field magnitude and direction 73
RUSAKOV V.F., CHABANENKO V.V. Magnetostriction of oxides and niobium alloys due to the pressure of the external magnetic field 82
GLAZUNOV F.I., VOLKOV G.K., KONSTANTINOVA T.E., DANILENKO I.A., GLAZUNOVA V.A. Phase stability of the ceramics based on the nanopowders of ZrO2–3 mol% Y2O3 compacted under high hydrostatic pressure 100
LYUBIMENKO E.N. Experimental investigation of the hydrogen elasticity phenomenon in the α-PdHn alloy plate 111
PODREZOV Yu.N., IVANOVA O.M. Peculiarities of the mechanical behavior of the Ti3Sn martensitic alloy under pressure 120
EFROS N.B., KORSHUNOV L.G., EFROS B.M., DMITRENKO V.Yu., VARYUKHIN V.N. Wear resistance and structural modification of the surface layer of high-chromium martensitic alloys under abrasive action and sliding friction 129

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