“HPPT”, Vol 24, №1


TEREKHOV S.V. Universality of synergetics laws. IV. Tsallis entropy and unextensive thermodynamics 5
BELOGOLOVSKII M.A. Distribution function of transparencies of highly compressed disordered dielectric layers 25
NAMLYEYEVA Yu.V., TARANETS R.M. Theoretical investigations of the idealized model for the mushy region 35
LUNIOV S.V. Effective mass of the density of electron states for Δ1-minimum of the conduction band of the germanium crystals 48
LOKTIONOV I.K., TEREKHOV S.V., RUBTSOVA O.A. Application of oscillating potentials of interaction to modeling of equilibrium properties of simple liquids 54
TRUKHANOV A.V., TRUKHANOV S.V., SHARKO S.A. Method of calculation of stability of the GMR-coefficients in multilayer quasi-onedimensional structures 74
GADJIALIEV M.M., PIRMAGOMEDOV Z.Sh., EFENDIEVA T.N. Experimental determination of the baric coefficient of conduction band edge of GaAs 80
SINYAKINA S.A., GORBAN O.O., KONSTANTINOVA T.E. Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on the dehydration of xerogel of the ZrO2–3 mol% Y2O3 system 84
VARYUKHIN V.N., KULIK I.A., BELOUSOV N.N., PASHINSKAYA E.H. Development of the method of 3D deformation-induced structure formation in conditions of combined twisting and compression 91
PODREZOV Yu.N., VERBILO D.G., YEVICH Ya.I. The role of shear deformation in consolidation of compacted powder materials 98
VOROPAEV V.S., GOGAEV K.O., PODREZOV Yu.N., NAZARENKO V.A. Investigation of the influence of asymmetrical rolling parameters on the structure and properties of powder rolling products 110
PASHINSKAYA E.H., VARYUKHIN V.N., MAKSAKOVA A.A., MAKSAKOV A.I., TOLPA A.A., MAKAROVA A.V. The effect of the technology of drawing with shear on the structure and properties of the low-carbon wire 120
SHEMCHENKO E.I., SVIRIDOV V.V., RADKEVICH N.A. Spectrophotometry of normal reflection and Brewster reflection from diamondlike films of the CNx and CNx:Euy carbon nitride 127
FEDORENKOVA L.I. Thermal action of electrolytic plasma on the structure of metal surface 136

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