“PHPT”, Vol 2, №4


KONSTANTINOVA Т.Т., PRIMISLER V.В., DOBRIKOV A.A. Structure defects and modes of the plastic deformation mesoscopic level 5
PROKHOROV I.Yu., AKIMOV G.YA., MAKIEVSKII A.V. Crack growth in Al203 under conditions of hydrostatic pressure 15
ARKHAROV V.I. Block-type mesostructure and nature of martensite strength 32
KOZLOVA L.E., MINKOV A.V., CHERNENKO V.A. Thermomechanical behaviour of Fe-Co-Ni-Ti alloy in the vicinity of martensitic transformation temperature 36
ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., KOLGUSHEV O.M., TROITSKAYA E.P. Adiabatic potential of the strong scatterers ordered system 45
OGORODNIKOV V.V., ROGOVOY Yu.I. Interatomic potentials and states equation of solids 54
PROZOROVSKII V.D., RESHIDOVA I.Yu. Electronic phenomena in Hg1-xCdxТе 66
BYKOV A.M., KORENIVSKII V.N., ULYANOV A.N., YUZHELEVSKII Ya.I. Upper critical Held of the high-Tc superconducting ceramics with excess conductivity 77
ALEKSEEV A.D., REVVA V.N., VOLODARSKAYA R.V., YURCHENKO V.M. Gas egress from solid solution into the bulk and onto surface of pores and cracks 83
METLOV L.S., BURYAK S.A. Handling and interpretation of seismic studies by the method of hypotheses 93
CHERNYSHEV V.A., BEIGELZIMER Ya.E., MATROSOV N.I. A theoretical estimation of the influence of production-process parameters on loading mode at hydromechanical treatment of wire 102
BAGLYUK G.A., YURCHUK V.L. Energetics of the process of free upsetting of a porous cylinder 110
PAKTER M.K., BELOSHENKO V.A., BORISENKO G.V. Influence of the hydrostatic treatment on thermal resistance of epoxy polymers 115
BUSHUEVA V.K., EPANCHINTSEV O. G., KORNEEV A.E. Structure of the compacts from the hydroxylapatite, fabricated by the shock-wave compaction 121
VASILKOVSKAYA M.A., KOVTUN V.I., FIRSTOV S.A. Redistribution of carbon atoms and structural changes in Fe-C alloys treated by shock waves 130
ASADOV S.K., ZAVADSKII E.A., KAMENEV V.I, KAMENEV K.V., TODRIS B.M., TCHERNYSH L.F. Triple point at P-T-phase diagram of MnSiF6*6H2O 140
VALKOV V.I., ROMANOVA N.A., POTAPOV G.A., KHAPALYUK E.A. Influence of nonstoichiometry on magnetic properties and presence of defects in the crystal structure of
Fea-xMnxAs system alloys
TIMOFEEV Yu.A., BEGOULEV V.В., VINOGRADOV В.V. Superconductivity of Sn1-xGexТе system under high pressure 149
KAPLYA S.N., BAGLYUK G.A. Influence of compaction pressure on the process of high-speed steel powder compaction under packing and activated sintering of samples 151
CHERNYSHEV V.A., MATROSOV N.I. Estimation of approaches to provide longitudinal stability of a billet continuously fed to high-pressure zone 155
PANAETOV V.P., POPOV V.N. Reversal of the magnetic-domain head magnetization with the magnetic field applied at an angle to the easy-magnetization axis in thin ferromagnetic films 160
ALEKSEEV A.D., ALEKSANDROV V.G., REVVA V.N., LEVSHIN A.A, PITALENKO E.I. Increase of haulage-drift stability by treatment of entry pillars with water solutions of surface-active substances 163

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