“PHPT”, Vol 2, №3


KURDYUMOV A.V., OSTROVSKAYA N.F. Formation mechanisms of carbon and boron nitride superhard phases at high pressures 5
VALKOV V.I., ZAVADSKII E.A., STEFANOVSKII E.P. The induced transitions high spin – low spin in iron manganese arsenides with the C38 crystal structure 19
KOKORIN V.V., PHEOPHILOV I.V., CHERNENKO V.A., VALKOV V.I., STANISLAVSKIY V.B. Effect of pressure and magnetic field on the martensitic transformation in alloy Fe-Ni-Co-Ti 27
YANOVICH V.D., ORLOVA N.S., ZHABKO Т.Е. Energy of the crystal lattice of α- and ω-modifications of titanium by the data of X-ray studies under high pressure 32
NEMOSHKALENKO V.V., SHEVCHENKO A.D., KLIMENKO G.A., KOBZENKO N.S., PLUZHNIKOV V.В., SMIRNOV A.I., TITOV A.A. Peculiarities of the physical properties of HTSC ceramics Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-0 obtained under high pressure 36
BRANDT N.В., KOVALEV B.В., SKIPETROV E.P. Zone of the radiation defects in Pbl-xSnxSe (x=0.34) alloy 41
BASHIROV R.I., DAUNOV M.I., ELIZAROV V.A., MAGOMEDOV A.B. The pressure influence on conductivity and Hall coefficient of strongly doped and compensated CdSnAs2 with deep acceptor levels 45
ORLOVA N.S., TURTSEVICH G.A., SALAK A.N. Thermal properties of high-pressure phases of AgInS2 compound 49
BEIGELZIMER YA.E., EFROS В.М. On viscous failure of materials under pressure 55
DOBRIKOV A.A. Studying parameters of the dislocation structure of polycrystalline copper deformed under high pressure 65
DAUNOV M.I., MAGOMEDOV A.В., MOLLAEV A.YU., SALIKHOV S.M., SAIPULAEVA L.A. Some formative physical principles of resistive semiconducting pressure transducers 71
SHEPEL V.M., BELOSHENKO V.A, SLOBODINA V.G. A plant for the hardening thermoplastic materials by settling method 76
ANDREEV V.D., SOZIN YU.I., GONCHAROV A.F., OSITINSKAYA G.D., SIMKIN E.S. Deformation of graphite lattice when it is formed under diamond graphitization 80
NEVSTRUEV G.F., KATSAI M.YA., ILNITSKAYA G.D. Properties of diamond single crystals obtained by the method of spontaneous crystallization under high static pressures 85
BOGATYREVA G.P., NEVSTRUEV G.F., KRUK V.В., BAZALII G.A. OLEINIK N.A. Peculiarities of low-toxic ecologically expedient techniques for diamond extraction depending on thermobaric conditions 89
BOCHECHKA A.A., GARGIN V.G. Kinetics of Co-Mo and Co-Ti melts migration to diamond powder under high pressure 94
MATROSOV N.I., SENNIKOVA L.F., DUGADKO A.B. Hardening of the nitrided-steel wire by different working methods 97
ASADOV S.K., ZAVADSKII E.A., KAMENEV V.I., KAMENEV K.V., TODRIS B.M. Stability of crystal phases of magnesium and zinc phtorosilicate hexahydrates under pressure 104
NEKRASOVA A.N., SKIPETROV E.P., KHOROSH A.G. Pressure effect on the energy spectrum of the electron-irradiated Pbl-xSnxTe (x = 0,2) 107
URBANOVICH S.I., BABUSHKIN A.N., NIKIFOROV L.G. On appearance of the metallic-state features in oxide dielectric WO3 under the influence of high pressures 110
MAZURENKO A.M., URBANOVICH V.S., CHUEVSKII A.V., KUCHINSKII V.M., PETROVA E.N. Metal-ceramic layered composite material based on bohr carbide 113
MERZLYAKOV V.L. Theoretical investigation of the high-temperature gas-extrusion process 116
MATROSOV N.I., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A., SENNIKOVA L. F, DUGADKO А.В., IVANOVA L.I. On structure change of steel 12X18H10T under hardening thin wire by hydrostatic drawing 119
SOBOLEV V.V. On vortex-type flow of material in cylindrical devices of high dynamic pressure 123
ANDREYEV V.D., MALIK V.R., BOCHKO A.V., SILVESTROV V.S., ВALAN T.R. On the value of the enthalpy of transformation BNг – BNcф 126

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