“PHPT”, Vol 2, №2


D’YACHENKO A.I. Magnetic Field Dependence of Josephson Medium Critical Current 5
DUBOVIK A.A., ZABLOTSKII V.A., MAMALUI Yu.A. Phase Transitions in Cluster and Amorphous Bubble Structures 12
ORLOVA N.S., TURTSEVICH G.A., YANOVICH V.D. X-Ray Study Under High-Pressure of Compressibility in Silver Thiogalate 17
SKUMS V.F., ALFER S.A., VECHER A.A., PAN’KO E.P. Electrical and Baric Characteristics of Some Compounds of the PbSe – PbTe and PbSe – SnTe System 22
ТОКII V.V., NESCHADENKO I.A. A Generation of Partial Disclinations near Elastic Nonuniformities in Materials with Low Energy of Stacking Fault 28
METLOV L.S. The Soliton Solutions of Wave Equations for Layered Media 32
POPOV A.A., EFROS B.M., ZAIKA T.P., ADAMETS A.A., ANTONISHIN Yu.Т., YUSHKOV V.I. Barothermomechanical Treatment of High – Strength Titanium Alloys 45
BEIGELZIMER Ya.E., KOVALENKO I.M., SPUSKANYUK V.Z. Formation of Surface Roughness on Workpieces at Hydropressing 57
PANFILOV A.S. Pendulum Magnetometer for Measurements of Magnetic Susceptibility Under Pressure 61
SHESTAKOV S.I. Spesific Features of Calculation and of Elastic – Plastic Stressed – Deformed State of Steel Dies of High-Pressure Plants 67
TSIOK О.В., BREDIKHIN V.V., SIDOROV V.A., KHVOSTANTSEV L.G. Measurements of Compressibility of Solids and Powder Compacts by a Strain Gauge Technique at Hydrostatic Pressure up to 9 GPa 75
BLANK V.D., VORONTSOV A.A., SEREBRYANAYA N.R., TSERR A.YU. Application of X-Ray Technique for Investigations of Phase Transformations in Powders at High Pressures and Shear Strain 82
SOBOLEV V.V., SLOBODSKOI V.V., GORBACHEVSKII D.G., SHARABURA A.D. Influence of the Electric Field on Ni-Mn-C Alloy Obtained in a High-Pressure Chamber 88
KARNACHEV A.S., MOSKVIN A.S., SOLOVEV E.E., KLEVETOV V.V. Anomalous Character of Spin Reorientation in ErFeO3 Under Uniaxial Compression 90
MAZUROVSKII B.Ya. The Phenomenon of Retardation of Destruction Sites as the Basis of the Technique for Relaxation of Residual Stresses in Castings, Forgings and Welding Sites 95
STARIKOV G.P. Methodical Bases of Determining the Degree of Outburst Danger with Respect to Coal Seams when They Are Opened Under Lateral Working 98
FOMIN Yu.V. Study of Dynamic Bearing Pressure Developing at Getting Workings of Coal Mines 101

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