“PHPT”, Vol 12, №2


75-th anniversary of Edvald ZAVADSKII – the first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal «High Pressure Physics and Technology» 7
60-th anniversary of Alexandr MINAEV 11
ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V. Nonlinear effects in thermodynamics induced by thermal stresses. 1. Temperature behaviour of elastic constants 13
EFROS B.M., SYNKOV S.G., POPOVA E.V., ZAIKA T.P., LOLADZE L.V., SYNKOV V.G., IVCHENKO V.A., VARYUKHIN V.N. Effect of severe plastic deformation by packet hydroextrusion on mechanical properties and atomic structure of nickel 27
POLYAKOV P.I., SHTABA V.A. High-pressure chambers for physical investigations 38
SALEY V.S., PRILIPKO YU.S., PILIPENKO N.P., KONSTANTINOVA T.E. Influence of ZTP-powders treatment by ultrasound, microwave radiation and high hydrostatic pressure on piezoceramics properties 46
BELOGOLOVSKII M.A., KOMYSA YU.A., AKIMOV G.YA. Point defects in an elastically compressed solid: one-dimensional continual approximation 52
MALASHENKO V.V., MALASHENKO T.I. Influence of dislocation interaction on spectrum of moving edge dislocations 57
POLISHCHUK V.S. Synthesis of Ti, V and Cr nitride powders under multiple deformation effect 60
POLYAKOV P.I., KUCHERENKO S.S. New effects and regularities of T-P-H deforming influence on properties and phase transitions in magnetic semiconductors 77
RYABICHEVA L.A., KRAVTSOVA J.V. Use of the model of compressible materials deformation and pore formation process to solve the problem
of free upsetting
BUSOV V.L., KHABAROV A.N. The influence of elastic strain on components of the elastic moduli tensor of fragmentative polycrystals 95
VLASENKO N.N., VASILJEV A.G. Hydrogen-induced phase disintegration of intermetallic TbFe2 102
MIROSHNICHENKO S.V., SYNKOV V.G. Influence of the loading-section geometry on strength of chambers with variable wall thickness 108
PETRENKO A.G. EPR spectrum in ferroelectrics with complex impurities 113

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