Head of department: KIRILLOVA Nataliya Grogorievna
(062) 311-05-70

The Scientific library, Editorial staff of magazine “FTVD”, bureau of translations, group of scientific analysis and generalization of STI, enter in the structure of department. The department of scientific and technical information is executed a number of tasks on the informative providing of research works of institute. In the department the output of scientific and scientific&technical information in mass medias (television, radio, periodic seal) is provided.

DonIPE of NAS of Ukraine regularly demonstrates the developments and achievements on regional, all Ukrainian and international exhibitions. For participating in exhibitions an institute was repeatedly rewarded deeds and diplomas.

On the threshold of 40 year celebrations (2005) the museum of DonIPE NASU history was opened in an institute. The documents about creation of institute, materials about scientific developments are presented in it.

An institute disposes of own multiplying-copying and binding  base. In the department materials of conferences, organized by institute, and also books, prospectus and booklets about an institute prepared and published.