Center for collective use of devices

Head of the Department: Vladimir Yu. Tarenkov,
doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
(062) 342-91-12

Current development of the fundamental solid-state physics is impossible without an up-to-date experimental basis consisting of both an instrumentation complex and a programming and computing device. A typical representative of such a complex is the PPMS-9 unit designed by the Quantum Design Company, USA. The unit is an embodiment of progressive ideas of measuring and computing machinery making it possible to conduct complex investigations of superconducting, magnetic and many other characteristics of a solid. Wide temperature and magnetic-field range for the experiments to be done helps in obtaining a unique information on fundamental characteristics of an investigated substance.

Center for collective use of the system of instruments and measurement of physical characteristics of substances has been organized at Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O.Galkin in September of 2005. The main task of the Center is to give physicists-experimentalists a possibility of increasing informativity of investigations of magnetic, resistive and superconducting characteristics of a solid by using the unique equipment. The measurement base consists of automated complex PPMS-9 giving wide possibility for measuring magnetization, magnetic susceptibility, resistance, heat capacity in a wide temperature (T = 4.2 – 400 K) and magnetic field (up to H = 9 T) range.

Works of the Center have designed an automated unit to record the current-voltage characteristics and their derivatives for tunnel and Andreev – type junctions making it possible to investigate spectra of quasi-particle excitations in superconductors and manganites. The resulting information on the energy gap, phonon spectra, band-structure elements is a unique one and can’t be obtained by other methods. Moreover, most of the experiments can be done under high hydrostatic compression of speciments (up to P = 15Kbar) that gives additional information on characteristics of an investigated object.

Team of scientists working in the Centre is highly experienced in carrying on research work in solid state physics, it can render all-round assistance to employees of DonIPE and other scientific institution of Ukraine in realizing scientific programs.