Young scientists council

In decision of General Meeting of the young scientists of  institute from on May, 14, 2007 the “Society of young scientists” is organized at the Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O.Galkin NAS of Ukraine, operating in the fields of science, education, culture and sport; and uniting on voluntary lines (individual and/or collective) of young scientists  (up to 35 years) for satisfaction of their cultural, scientific and creative interests, related to realization of regulation aims and tasks.

At the Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O.Galkin NAS of Ukraine is created Young Scientists Council in the following stuff:

  • Chairman of Council: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, junior scientist Khachaturova T.A.
  • Secretary of Young Scientists Council: junior scientist Shevtsova T.N.
  • councillor: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, head of the department Varyukhin D.V.
  • councillor: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, senior scientist Voznyak Yu.V.
  • councillor: graduate student Glazunov Ph. I.
  • councillor: graduate student Gusar Yu.V.
  • councillor: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, junior scientist Zhitlukhina E.S.
  • councillor: junior scientist Zavdoveev A.V.
  • councillor: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, scientist Mazur A.S.
  • councillor: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, junior scientist Tkachenko V.M.
  • councillor: junior scientist Efros N.B.

Young scientists of the Donetsk Institute for physics and engineering named after O.O. Galkin actively participated in the IV International Conference “Nanoscale Systems: structure, properties, technology” (November 19-22, Kiev).