Kovtun Nikolay Moiseevich (12.07.1932 – 26.12.2001)

Kovtun Nikolay MoiseevichDirector of the Institute since 1982 to 1986.

N.M.Kovtun was born on July  12, 1932 in Belenkoe village, Borisov distr.,  Belgorod region (RSFSR). In 1955, after graduation from Dept. of Physics and Mathematics, Kharkov State University, he studied at post-graduate courses and worked as a teacher of the University till 1965. In January – June 1965, he worked at the position of senior researcher, Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, AS USSR (Kharkov). In 1965 – 1967 and 1969 – 1992. N.M. Kovtun worked at Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering as Vice-Director of Scientific Research, Head of Dept. of resonance phenomena in magnetic semiconductors and dielectrics, Director of the Institute.

At the same time, he worked at Donetsk State University. In 1965-1969 he headed Dept. of Radiophysics; in 1969 he became Dean of the Faculty of Physics; since 1990 to 2001, he was a Professor of Dept. of Radiophysics, Donetsk State University.

N.M. Kovtun passed his Ph.D. defense in 1961, and he became a Dr. of Sci. in 1976. In 1978, he was awarded academic title of Professor in specialty of Physics of magnetic phenomena.

The lines of scientific research were concentrated on the Physics of magnetic phenomena. N.M. Kovtun gave progress to the study of magnetic properties of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic crystals, carried out experimental and theoretical research for spin-reorientational phae transitions by NMR in different magnetic materials, performed NMR tests on anisotropy of superfine interaction in orthoferrites.

N.M. Kovtun trained 14 Ph.Ds. He is an author of more than 120 scientific publications.