Project Magnetism@home is currently paused.

Magnetism@home is a research project using Internet-connected computers to explore the equlibrium, metastable and transient magnetization patterns (first and foremost in nano-scale magnetic elements and their arrays, but later other systems may be considered).

The project is based at Donetsk Institute for Physics and Technology.

To understand scientific side of things:

Just to remind the timeline of this project: we have started in 2008 with initial testing of the freshly written code, by 2010 the code have matured and by 2011 produced the first data, which have successfully reproduced the previously known map of ground state of circular ferromagnetic nanocylinder. In 2012 the results of the largest to date Magnetism@home computation including the source code for all the programs was released as Magnetism@home data release 1. It served as a basis for the following publication: K.L. Metlov, Large vortex state in ferromagnetic disks, J. Appl. Phys. 113, 223905 (2013) [ArXiV, DOI], where the contribution of the BOINC community was fully acknowledged. The results predict the coexistence of two slightly different magnetic vortex states in ferromagnetic nanodisks, which, if realized in practice, can be a basis for smallest possible magnetic bits.

Currently the computations are on hold due to lack of resources for further development of the underlying program. The BOINC setup is also taken down for security reasons (it is a security hole to leave it unmaintained). The project will sooner or later continie, then the BOINC will be reinstalled. Still pending are the plans to enchance the precision of the computation for better metastable state detection as well as plans to complete the support for different nanoelement shapes (the current program was only tested for circular cylinders).